Beautifully broken

Who says broken cannot be beautiful?
What do you have to say about a broken glass? Something that is irreversible? BUT, When the glass breaks, isn’t it like glitter?
It indeed is dangerous, with sharp edges but is also beautifully composite.
The same goes for our heart. It is said that,
“Relationships are like glass, sometimes it’s better to leave it broken rather than hurt yourself putting it back together”. But the opposite is also true.
“When a broken glass is mended, it’s true that the crack is prominent, but it’s also true that you may still drink from it.”
Shattered trust, friendships or relationships are definitely difficult to deal with but not something that’ll make you want to die, is it? It’s just the perspective that changes everything.
Say for example, you are in a relationship for a month and then you realize that it isn’t working out for you. The guy loves you like insane but even over-sweetness causes diabetes, doesn’t it? So, you decide to break up and put this idea in front of your boyfriend. As expected, he is shocked and hurt too. He thinks of you as someone who broke his heart into pieces. But if you look on the brighter side, it was just one month of togetherness. Imagine, if you guys would have been together for a longer time and then you would have told him that you don’t feel for him the way he does for you, it would have torn him apart. He would think of you as a traitor, someone who was just taking advantage of his feelings. So, that makes your decision of breaking up just after a month, right. Moreover, it will also be easy for both of you to move on in life and not just get stuck in that phase.
Thus, everything in life happens for a reason. It’s like a puzzle, every negative thing has something positive hidden inside it. It’s up to us as to how we grab this opportunity to unfold another mystery life has thrown at us. It’s up to us as to how we make meaning out of that problem and get out of it with a smile and most importantly, a lesson.
A lesson to move on.
A lesson to not let your past define your present and most importantly, your future.
A lesson to overcome your fears.
A lesson to accept every failure as a challenge. A challenge to improve yourself and be a better version of yourself.


64 thoughts on “Beautifully broken

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      1. Namaste Tanishka!
        Glad to read your pen. Yes, broken glasses are beautiful too. Broken hearts have their own significance in life. Only then we know what is sorrow. Without knowing sorrow, we can never know what is joy.
        But why do you expect people to like your post? Just write what you feel like writing. It is an expression of your being. Like a river begins its journey from the mountains without bothering about the path ahead. It just flows. Consider flowing with your thoughts without expecting people to like it. Because if they don’t, it might hurt or discourage or demoralise you. Why give them an opportunity to do that. Your thoughts are your inner river. Let it flow freely without any attachments of expectations.


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      2. That’s true too. And I’m not forcing anybody to like my work. I write what I feel, straight from my heart. And most importantly, I write coz I love writing and not because I want people’s appreciations. 🙂 Thanks for your words though.


  1. Well drafted. The content was something that people go through these days and that made me read the whole blog… Well, Saheb was another reason too who made me read the whole blog
    😁 All the best

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  2. Hmm! Firstly, Hope every1 thinks like this and dont get hesistate to tell their loved ones about this! 😅😅. Secondly, about the blog, it is amazing and there is a bit real story inside it i think😜!
    Waiting for the next blog.

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  3. Sister sister sister , from where did u learn how to write this well , I read all the blogs now itself ,(although at start I didn’t think I would ) but after reading one it just felt like to read the other ones n when I came to this one I was sad as it was the last one but it’s amazing n I love u for doing such an amazing work😘

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