Love v/s Arranged: A special anniversary post


If I imagine myself dating a guy, I feel that I wouldn’t be able to handle him for even 21 days ya. πŸ˜› And that’s the only reason I’ve been telling my mom since quite some time, that it’s your job (along with dad of course) to find someone suitable for me because I’m a complete disaster at it.

Only by seeing each other’s photographs and meeting a few times in the 2 years of their courtship period, they have a “happily ever after” life. So I’m sure that they’ll choose the perfect one for someone like me, who is so used to independence, that she can’t handle somebody being with her every now and then. XD

Whenever I look at my parents, I always get confused whether it’s a love marriage or arranged. “It’s arranged”, that’s what I’ve been told, but who knows, it could be something else as well. πŸ˜› Something more interesting and filmy maybe. Umm.. thoughts like, they would have been in love when they were young but they got introduced to each other as strangers by their family and then, they pretended as if it’s an arranged marriage but only they knew their little secret.

But then I pat my head and ask my overthinking brain cells to come out from the world of crazy imagination and face the reality. My mom was a very shy and introvert person before marriage (she still is, but I am constantly after her to speak up :P). Whereas, my dad was an angry young man (and I’ve his genes when it comes to having anger right at the tip of my nose).

In these 21 years of togetherness, it wasn’t just mom who changed, my dad also did. They learned from each other, they tried to rectify each other’s flaws, they fought but solved their issues as an adult, they supported each other come what may, and thus, they are a perfect couple for me.

IMG_3290 2

I sometimes ask myself, “Don’t they get bored of each other?” πŸ˜› And at that point itself, they do something so cute that makes me realise, that their love keeps on increasing with each passing day. The picture below (especially my dad’s award winning expression πŸ˜› in the second picture), says it all.

IMG_3293 2

They truly define the phrase, “age is just a number”. They are definitely growing old but their hearts are still young. I call them my best friends only. In fact, whenever I visit home, I find my mom hotter than the previous time I had seen her (I definitely get jealous πŸ˜› ) and my dad all the way more fit and handsome. ❀

I’m physically not with them at this point of time, but emotionally, I’m always around them. And the only reason I’m away from them, is because I want to something in life that makes both of them really proud of me.

One wish that I have in life is:

I want my parents to be known as the “mom and dad of Tanishka Juneja” and not me being known as “the daughter of Ruchika and Kavi Juneja.” ❀


20 thoughts on “Love v/s Arranged: A special anniversary post

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  1. Happy anniversary uncle and aunty😊!
    U just expressed their 21 years relationship in less than 500 words 😜 which is so cool and hope u also get a handsome hunk like ur dad and u behave like ur mom with him and leave that anger aside that time….. 😜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cute it was πŸ™‚
    Finding people who love their parents so much are rare to find…
    Saheb was one person I use to look up to. Good to know he has friends like himself πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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