It’s not US, it’s YOU!

How many of you judged the post just by looking at the picture and thought of it to be something A rated? I’m sure in the back of your head many of you would have, but wouldn’t accept it.

Let me tell you, it’s all about our thinking. Though we claim to be very open-minded but let’s face it, this is something which still hasn’t changed.

Why are girls tagged all the time? Why does the length of her neckline define her character? I mean in our traditional society, a girl wearing crop top is something that becomes the talk of all the aunties, but when one of them wears a blouse which reveals 6 inches of her stomach, that’s pretty normal. In fact, that’ll become the hot gossip amongst them to know where did she get it stitched from.

So it means, only because that piece of cloth is a part of our Indian clothing, it’s considered to be okay; And the time it becomes something westernized, everyone has a problem with it. That’s heights!

Keeping the dressing aside, even the number of guys she has dated defines her character. If a guy has dated various girls or flirts with multiple girls, he is considered a dude or a stud. On the other hand, if a girl has had various boyfriends or flirts with multiple guys, she is considered characterless or in simple language,Β harami-typeΒ girl (slut).

Both of them are in the same situation, but the terms used to describe the guy seem really cool and the ones used for the girl are like a stamp on her character. WHY? I mean, girls are humans too and they have all the right to live on their own terms, without being answerable to the society.

Even today, women aren’t employees but just another interesting pick for powerful men. Though at workplace they are given promotions, but in return, they are asked for sexual favors.

– If she works late at night, she is giving you signals,

– If she asks for your opinion, she is hungry for your attention,

– If by mistake she goes out for a drink with you, she wants to sleep with you,

– And if she is an actor or model, you just assume that she is someone who has slept with a lot of men and you’re going to be next.

Is that what our mentality is? I mean, can’t women just rise in life on their own merit and not by getting into someone’s pants?

If men and women are considered equal, there should have been no need for women safety or women rights to come up in the first place. Also, some television series like Halla Bol or Big F wouldn’t exist if women were given the same freedom and respect in society.

In fact, if all of this is because of the society’s mentality, then guys are the ones who should be restricted. Why are girls asked not to stay out late at night and questioned a lot if they are traveling alone? They should be given all the freedom they deserve and guys should be imposed with restrictions. Because it’s their eyes that act like an X-ray machine to scan women.Β 

So, it’s not US (women), it’s YOU (the society, especially men, who materialize women). It’s their thinking that needs to be changed and not the women’s lifestyle.

What is your opinion on this?

24 thoughts on “It’s not US, it’s YOU!

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  1. Just perfect. πŸ™‚
    ‘but when one of them wears a blouse which reveals 6 inches of her stomach, that’s pretty normal.’ this was the best part…

    I observe a very nice sense of writing in your blogs, which is indeed improving in every new release .

    Wish you all the success for future πŸ™‚ Proud of you…

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  2. This is possibly the most beautiful piece of writing I’ve ever read. It’s so true and it’s amazing to see how people are taking a stand against the double standards of our country.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I totally agree. Male Chauvinism needs to end in wide respects … Only then can equality be seen. But a sad part is that its a far fetched thought in India..too difficult a task.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Pretty good
    You are a really deep thinker and come up with things that are a reality. The croptop part just blew my mind. It engaged me to read the complete stuff. Your style of writing makes me think and keeps me reading to unfold what is to come next.

    Liked by 1 person

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