“Friendship is about being physically present” – A myth

We live in the age of “Netflix and chill”, where the brand of clothes we wear or the type of series we watch, decides our friend circle.

People watching Game of Thrones, Stranger Things or Flash will sit and talk about the previous episode of it, who shouldn’t have died in that episode and stuff. Whereas, the ones who don’t follow any series (like me) will end up thinking, “What are we even doing here?”

The weirdest part comes when the expression on their face changes as they come to know that someone doesn’t watch a particular series? I mean, so what? There is nowhere written in the description of the series that it is compulsory for everyone to watch it. I mean, everyone has his/her own preferences and hello! we are still alive without watching any series.

You know what guys, itne time mei I’ve realised that being emotionally present as a friend or a supporter is more important than being just physically there. What’s the use if you are there in front of the person but while the person is talking to you and sharing his/her problems, you are on your phone surfing YouTube?

Rather, if you have someone to talk to on phone and he/she listens to you intently, cheers you up when you are low, laughs on your silly jokes and makes you feel wanted, that’s the kind of friendship you’re actually looking for. ❤

When you start a new journey or start to do something on your own (like I did), what is the least you can expect from you friends? To support you, to appreciate your work or even point out the flaws in it, be eager to see your work and share it with others saying that, “My friend has done that. Do watch/read it.” But what’s the use if you have to plead them to at least view your work once, like aur comment karna toh durr ki baat hai.

“I’ll read it aaram se”, is what they say. I mean, I don’t know what are they waiting for. Scientists to discover another planet? When you have all the time to play pool on your phone and swear when you loose or send streaks to people on snap, how long does it really take to do something which can bring a smile on your friend’s face?

On the contrary, you also have some kind people existing in the world, who will be enthusiastic to help you fulfil your wish. You don’t need to personally send them reminders about your work. The time they see an update on social media, they’ll view it and share it amongst their friends.

I have this crazy friend of mine who calls himself my Advertising Manager 😛 (the person I’m talking about, will understand it himself). More than half of the people who comment on my post, are the ones I don’t know, but only because they are his friends and he asks them to see my posts, they do it and give me honest feedback on it. Moreover, he’s one of those “strangers (gifting solace)” in my life, whom I had met just for two days and that too 2 years back. Since then, he’s been a constant support to me.

So to all those who think that being beside the person means being with him/her, you need a reality check. Sometimes, it’s your words and “I’m there for you” message, that matters more than someone who pretends as if he/she is interested in your sad story.

Also, it’s a general reminder to all those who think they’re playing a decent role of being a “good friend”, they’re not. But the sad truth is, today, friendships are considered “great” if you tag each other in memes or complete 100 streaks with someone, rather than noticing the fake smile of your friend. *sighs*



*Everyone has their own definition and perspective of friendship. I just said mine. No offence to anyone.

(You were impatient to know what’s coming up next for you, isn’t it? Here you go, Manager! ❤ )

34 thoughts on ““Friendship is about being physically present” – A myth

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  1. There we go………..
    The most awaited blog of yours 😁.
    Well, that’s true ‘ I am always there for you. ‘ 🙂

    Beautifully written. Just amazing :*
    Wish you alllll the success for future and I am sure you will achieve everything in life you aspire to achieve…

    BTW, even I don’t watch all those serials 😅 and I know how you feel when you sit with people who are die hard fans 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tanishka…..this is just amazing. I hope the people reading this spread it ahead and moreover think about it. It is a big eye opener for those series fans and others too. Happy writing. It all started with that one person and now I myself look forward for your blog. It soothes my mind and soul. Keep going.

    And I hope you write a book soon and I get to read it very soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice blog… I am 100% sure that person is Saheb. If not then he deserves to be one because I have never seen anyone taking interest in someone else’s work
    XD 🙂
    Loved it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Actually the reality.
    People just pretend…but actually sometimes the person who met few days back might be like an angel to us as compared to person who knows us since years 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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