It’s time to be your very own first true lover! 

“My boyfriend likes my long hair but I want to try a new hairstyle.”

“I got ready for the party but at the last moment, he asked me to change my dress because it was a little too short.”

“I like wearing studs but she asked me to remove them.”

“She wants me to wear shoes rather than flip flops if I am accompanying her anywhere.”

How often have you heard people say this to you? Honestly, I’ve heard a lot of people who’ve told me that their partners like them a particular way, and just so that they don’t get upset or sulk, they follow their wish.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong in doing what your partner likes, it’s just that while doing so, you shouldn’t forget your actual self. You shouldn’t lose yourself in order to keep your partner happy.

You shouldn’t forget, it’s you who had stepped into this world and it’ll only be you who’s going to leave it. You should have the courage and the ability to accept yourself the way you are and love yourself.

We often observe relationships in which one person always settles for something he/she doesn’t really want, but they do it only for their partner. Well, compromise and sacrifice are an important part of a relationship but, compromising your identity isn’t something worth doing.

It’s high time to get this fact straight in your head, that loving someone for who they truly are, and accepting them that way, is love. Asking them to change as per your check-list or requirements, is something which is not right.


You should know to be comfortable in your own skin; And the right to change you doesn’t belong to anyone. Being always available and changing your month’s old plan according to your partner’s last-minute wish, is what gives them the chance to take advantage of it.

Your happiness should matter the most to you. Love is blind, agreed, but it isn’t stupid. If you’re ready to adjust and listen to him, shouldn’t your partner be equally willing to do the same? If he/she isn’t, you’ll know your value in their life. And trust me, you shouldn’t even make efforts after that.

To fall in love with somebody, you should love yourself first; And most importantly, maintain that love even when somebody is trying to put you down. You should know your worth and it shouldn’t depend on whether or not people realize it as much as you do.

Don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while, just to remind yourself that you are one of a kind.

Keep Smiling!

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  1. Nicely written… was to the point and hit the bulls eye. This will actually help realize people that a relationship should be on equal terms and one shiuld not be the pet of other. Beautifully written. I missed the last post but this was bang on…..keep going ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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