My journey from being a Blogger to an Author

The image above is something I had made in my diary (the year 2016).

A lot of people were taken aback when I announced the release of my first book, “Let’s Rise in Love”. People knew that I had recently started blogging but didn’t know that I was planning a career in writing. They thought it was something I do in my free time.

A few days back, someone asked me, “Did you always have writing in your mind or was it a spontaneous decision to write a novel?” Let me tell you what was my answer to her.

I started writing when I was in grade 7. Back then, I used to write in my diary, much like other teenagers. I used to write about my daily activities, which teacher appreciated me today, who scolded me, the places I went to, etc etc. I didn’t realise when I got deeply attached to my diary.

It was also because of the fact that I never had consistent friends in my life. One day, they claim to be my dear friend and the next day, they are gone. And, I was someone (I still am) who likes talking a lot. So, I found company in my diary. I used to feel so light and happy when I used to pour out my thoughts in it.

That’s how I started to love writing. I still have a bag full of some “unsent” letters and diaries, of year 2013,14,15 and 16. I didn’t realise this habit was somewhere going to help me in my future.

I had thought of writing a few years back too. I typed a few pages on my computer but didn’t find any motivation and inspirataion to keep going. And you would find it funny, but I was writing something regarding vampires. πŸ˜› Yeah! I loved them, I still do.

Last year in October, I decided to write and the result is my hands. It took me four months to do everything from scratch, and I loved every bit of that journey. Endless sleepless nights, ditching friends because I wanted to write, utilizing my “self-study” time in college to write and eating a lot of chocolate ice-creams to keep me motivated πŸ˜›

I never thought of a career in writing until a year back. I joined Hospitality and that’s when something rang inside me. I wasn’t meant to be there. So I quit the industry and switched to Media and communication.

I was neither a scholar in English nor had a fantastic vocabulary, I still don’t. I like being simple, talking simple and writing simple.

This was a surprise for my dad. All this while, he had no clue that I was working on a novel. My mom and my cousins knew about it, and later my brother too. I had planned the publishing schedule according to my visit to India.

I hope you’re proud of me and also dad, everything happens for a reason. During my school days, you had always asked me to make some nice friends and go out with them rather than sitting at home and always being with my family. But even not doing that, has helped me today. πŸ˜‰ ❀

And readers, don’t forget to buy my first book, “Let’s Rise in Love” which is available on the Notion press, Amazon, and Flipkart. Don’t forget to leave your valuable reviews on Amazon or Flipkart.

Β Click to buy a copy NOW

I’m sure you wouldn’t regret buying it.

4 thoughts on “My journey from being a Blogger to an Author

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  1. Dear Author,

    It was an amazing blog and I am sure people will enjoy too.
    Really looking forward to read ‘Let’s Rise in Love’.
    Hope to see your name on many more books in the coming future πŸ™‚

    All the best,
    Manager β™₯

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