Different isn’t wrong; Our mentality is.


Many of us don’t even know what these four alphabets stand for, and those who do, don’t wanna talk about it, as if it’s a communicable disease that’ll spread if we talk about it.

“Shhh! Don’t speak that word out loud.”

“This isn’t acceptable in our society. What will the society say?”

“Gay? Are you out of your mind? What went wrong with our upbringing that you grew up to become this.”

Seriously? It isn’t about the upbringing; It’s about our personal choice. We have the right to choose for ourselves, right? So where does this right go when we need to make such an important decision of our lives?

Tell me one thing, where is it mentioned or written that a guy has to marry a girl ONLY? and vice versa. I don’t remember studying any such thing in my school. Do you?

Getting married to the opposite sex is accepted by our society because this is what we’ve seen since ages. This is what is happening in our society and that’s the reason we cannot accept something which is different than what we normally see.

But, DIFFERENT ISN’T WRONG! It’s just the mentality of people that isn’t ready to accept something which doesn’t fit into their “normal happenings”.


My novel, Let’s Rise in Love touches this sensitive topic, which is considered a taboo in our Indian society. It’s about a boy who’s struggling to know himself and his choices in life. It’s about a boy who wants to break the societal boundaries and live a life of his own but at the same time, he fears being isolated from his family and society.

I’m sure this book will make you pause and think about this issue.

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14 thoughts on “Different isn’t wrong; Our mentality is.

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  1. Well written buddy. It’s an eye opener. It’s you who can understand, but makes it difficult for people because this is what has been saved in our memory…

    Well written. May you be a big success in the writing world 💖

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautifully written… We don’t consider LGBT in our society because that is what we have been seeing since the beginning… Hope to see a positive change 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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