A stranger* (gifting solace) at your doorstep

Has anything like this happened with you before? - You just puked all your thoughts in front of a stranger and felt so light at heart? - Experienced absolute comfort and calmness when you (felt as if you had) removed your heart and kept it in front of someone, you came to know recently? -... Continue Reading →

Makeup or Made-up?

Have you ever wondered... Makeup products sound like some nuclear missile's name? "You know what, I recently bought this Mac Pro Longwear Foundation and Concealer NC 20." Woah! I feel as if I'm out of breath if I say it in one go. XD You start with the basic moisturiser and then the list is never... Continue Reading →

Coz… Camera lives first

Did you know... More people in the world own mobile devices than toothbrush. Funny, right? We live in a world where the word "privacy" or "secret" doesn't exist anymore. It's not just your mirror that knows the colour of your bra today. It CAN be available on any social networking site (there are chances it... Continue Reading →

Who says broken cannot be beautiful? What do you have to say about a broken glass? Something that is irreversible? BUT, When the glass breaks, isn’t it like glitter? It indeed is dangerous, with sharp edges but is also beautifully composite. The same goes for our heart. It is said that, “Relationships are like glass,... Continue Reading →

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